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 Tracklistings Mixtape #313 (2018.04.18) : MindSync aka D-Omen - Inspirations Mix 1

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Greg (Admin)

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PostSubject: Tracklistings Mixtape #313 (2018.04.18) : MindSync aka D-Omen - Inspirations Mix 1   Thu Apr 19, 2018 8:03 am

Damian Henderson : "It's time to sync your mind with a new elektro/breaks mix.
A week where my new alias "MindSync" comes into force with the official release on "Subsonic Records 005" !out now!
And debut mindsync live set coming up this weekend in the Ukraine @ Hamselyt / Гамселить '18
Enjoy ⚠️🌩️⚠️ "

Damian Henderson started mixing vinyl way back in 1995 at the tender age of 10. His mother got some turntables, with Techno, Trance & House records, and he was quickly hooked. After 2 months of practice with no outside influence, he had already mastered mixing and quickly caught the attention of promoters.

Damian first started playing out at free parties, pubs & reclaim the street parties, across the UK, with the likes of his early influences: Tribal Unity, Desert Storm, D.I.Y, SmokeScreen, DSF & BWPT. And then at the age of 11 he was performing at clubs.  

When he turned 12 he got booked to play with CJ Bolland, and not long after he got a full page review in DJ Magazine.  And gained support from Carl Cox.  

Damian carried on playing records all over the UK, at clubs, festivals, reclaim the streets & warehouse parties, often in front of thousands of ravers, where he played at events with the likes of:  Eatstatic, Luke Slater, Ralph Lawson, Luke Solomon, Nebula II, Mark Hawkins & Ugly Funk.

Due to his age and height, he often had to stand on objects such as "milk crates" to reach the decks [To the amazement of the crowd] And in the mid/late 90's he was the youngest performing DJ in the United Kingdom, and set a precedence for the future.

When Damian turned 15, he started to make his own music, at Footprint studios, where he also got into teaching, [Where he would teach young kids and adults how to mix vinyl and produce music].  

At the age of 17 and after 7 years of playing out in the UK, Damian went out to venture Europe, where he played at various outdoor & warehouse parties, across Italy, France & Spain.

When he returned to the UK in 2002, Damian started collecting his own audio hardware (for home music production) Where he also got a live set together and played live at various events. Such as a 2006 new year's party in Nottingham, which was one of the city's biggest underground parties to date.  . Damian then took a prolong break as a DJ and live performer to focus on other projects, such as sound design with gaming development teams & motorsports.

The last few years Damian has been back on the production front, and releasing his own unique taste in his productions. Along with several digital releases, vinyl releases on: YaYa23 Records 002 / Bombtrap's 10 year anniversary (alongside "Neil Landstrumm") And more recently Subsonic Records 001, and Subsonic Records 005 (Under his new alias "MindSync")

In 2014 he formed a side label and company project "Infalux" which has gained plays & support from  "Dave Clarke" with "Stanovoxy" (From "D-Omen 12-14 Works") as the introduction track on "Dave Clarke's - White Noise Radio #602"

2017 Saw Damian return to live performance at a "Desert Storm" event at Officina99 (Napoli, Italy) with a one off live set dedicated to Keith Robinson (KeefStorm). This return quickly prompted the interest of promoters around Europe, with events booked in Germany, Spain, Holland, Italy, Portugal, Ukraine, France, & the UK for 2018.

Aliases: D Henderson, D-Omen, MindSync, Trewa

Follow MindSync :
SoundCloud :
Facebook :

Tracklist :
01. Doubleheart - Bruise [High Sheen]
02. Djedjotronic - Depth [Boysnoize Germany]
03. -=UHU=- - Magic Computer [Transient Force]
04. Mascon - Schwertfisch [Bombtrap Records]
05. Neil Landstrumm - The Wickerman [Rawax]
06. Prototype & Morphogenetic - A New Dawn [Battery Park Studio]
07. Errorbeauty - Colonized [Infalux Conflate]
08. Skyborg - End of Reality [Borg Recordings]
09. Paul Birken - Hip Flop [Communique Records]
10. Neil Landstrumm - She Took A Bullet Meant For Me [Tresor]
11. Tessela - Butchwax [R & S Records]
12. Neil Landstrumm - Night Train [Killekill]
13. Scan One - Vox Eight [Warp Records]
14. Diplomat - Andromeda (Dibu-Z Remix) [Electro Avenue Records]
15. Galaxian - Decoy [Anti-Social Network]
16. Alekay - Space Madness (James Wolfe & Cloak Recalibration Mix) [Frajile Recordings]
17. Dexorcist - Sunstorm [Yellow Machines]
18. Michael Forshaw - Kill The B.B Caps [Chan n Mikes Records]
19. Robodrum - Our Computers [Body Control Records]
20. Morphology - Microbial (Kan3da & Luke Eargoggle Remix) [Zyntax Motorcity]
21. Blackmass Plastics - Beatings [Rag & Bone - TOTTER]
22. D-Omen - Bass Drone [Body Control Records]
23. MasCon - Viecher [Forthcoming]
24. Pukemaster Gehm - 303 degrees [Solar One Music]
25. Umwelt - OTSHA4TRCS2XOX [Rave Or Die]
26. D-Omen - To Connect [Body Control Records]
27. MindSync - What Is This Life [Subsonic Records]
28. Luke Eargoggle & Kan3da - Night Smoker [Brokntoys]
29. BlackMass Plastics - Pump Maximiser [Combat Recordings]
30. Blackmass Plastics - Runn It [Rag & Bone - TOTTER]
31. The Exaltics - Did You See This Broken Planet [Solar One Music]
32. Weakmassive - Aura Generation [Infalux Conflate]
33. AL355|0 - Presence In Absence [Body Control Records]


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Tracklistings Mixtape #313 (2018.04.18) : MindSync aka D-Omen - Inspirations Mix 1
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