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 Tracklistings Mixtape #302 (2018.01.31) : Lifeless Tissue - The Decline Of Electro Civilization

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Greg (Admin)

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PostSubject: Tracklistings Mixtape #302 (2018.01.31) : Lifeless Tissue - The Decline Of Electro Civilization   Wed Jan 31, 2018 1:57 pm

LT's electro roots traces back to the summer of 1997 when at the time he had no idea the genre existed, and was heavily influenced not by electronic dance music, but by the extreme and aggressive styles of metal. Mainly death metal that was birthed in his home base area of tampa bay. His friends literally dragged him
kicking and screaming to a late night club in tampa where for the first time he would hear the genre that would change his musical landscapes forever. He witnessed something he had never seen or heard before and it came in the form of a group that to this day he credits as one of his major influences known as Dynamix II.
One year later in the summer of 1998 he bought his first set of records a 4 pack vinyl ep of Dynamix II's greatest hits
and from then forward he dedicated his life and musical studies to the realms of electro music, as the music of dynamix helped him dive deeper into the realm and finding some of his greatest inspirations like Kraftwerk, Anthony Rother, Carl Finlow,
and Phil Klein, just to name a few...
Along the way his friend and mentor Jeremy Nourie wanted to create their own brand of electro and in 2000 they formed themselves as the electro bass duo "Artificial Humans" and on and off over the next 10 years they slowly but meticulously wove the foundations that would give them their first remix project for MicroControlUnit on Will Web's Zero One Music Label, remixing MCU's "Dimension 1" track. They then followed that up with remixes for Supreme Ja, The Bayou Brothers, and their childhood friend Nick Stebbins AKA Ndavisable. Around that same time LT had grown tired of his old moniker, and wanted a name fresh and more appealing to eyes and ears and literally pulled the lifeless tissue name out of dialogue from the classic sci-fi spoof Young Frankenstein stating that the idea behind this name is taking an inarticulated mass of lifeless tissue and molding it into a being of strong electro roots giving him energy and willpower to deliver proper electro music to the masses. that year was 2012 and also was a year that would see him create the group "Electro Avengers" and The Avengers Initiative mix series which saw artists such as Will Web, Kounterakt of Code Rising, Grow of Ohverclock, among others submit a mix for the series. LT also had the honor and privilege of doing guest mixes for now legendary radio shows Bass Agenda and Contacto Sintetico alongside some of the legends and artists that had shaped
him to be the electro force he was about to become.
Thru these projects and relentless pursuit of playing all and any events and clubs he could get himself into he was determined for everyone and anyone to hear electro, a genre he believes is highly underrated, overlooked, and underappreciated, he showcased the music at these events to levels not seen by some before, especially in his native Tampa Bay homebase area
to the point where some of his local peers and friends dubbed the nickname "The Electro Pope" upon him because of his undying devotion to the genre almost to spiritual levels, as well as the vast knowledge he had developed for the genre literally to the point that some have said he
is a walking electro encyclopedia. One of his biggest influences and inspirations James Wolfe, the legendary founder and owner of Frajile Recordings saw the passion and desire to keep the electro fires burning in LT and now has signed him to his Frajile label so that LT can debut
his latest work, a collaboration with James, himself, and his good friend and fellow DJ Inf3ctious Kutz titled "#ELECTROFIRST" that is forthcoming Frajile early 2018.
That is just the beginning for LT so for anyone who shares the love and passion Lt does for electro you DO NOT want to
miss one of his sets as he takes you on a spiritual journey thru the darkest and deepest realms of electro so much so, that you will be screaming:


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Tracklistings Mixtape #302 (2018.01.31) : Lifeless Tissue - The Decline Of Electro Civilization
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