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Greg (Admin)
Greg (Admin)

Number of posts : 27075
Age : 42
Location : FRANCE
Registration date : 2008-06-21

PostSubject: 2010.01.16 - MUSTARD PIMP'S JACK BAUER 24 HOURS MIXTAPE   2010.01.16 - MUSTARD PIMP'S JACK BAUER 24 HOURS MIXTAPE Icon_minitimeSun Jan 17, 2010 10:41 am

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Quote :
What a great idea to make a 24 hours (!!) Mixtape with different Styles! Check it out and click on download to find all hours! Enjoy!

Quote :
Our crazy friends from France have done it again. This time they outdone anything we could ever think of. Mustard Pimp goes in the footstep of the popular tv-show 24 and produces a 24 h mixtape. It is crazy, but in a good way. The best thing is that you can enjoy them in the same way that you enjoy 24, hour for hour.

Download the 24 episodes here (mediafire folder) : [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Tracklist (801 Tracks)

Hour 1

01)Mustard Pimp – Scissors (Intro Edit)
02)Boris Dlugosch – Bangkok
03)Sonicc – Unicorns On Acid
04)Sonicc – Trolls On Acid (Beataucue Remix)
05)Malente Vs Azzido Da Bass – They’re Killin It (Motor Remix)
06)Mvsevm – French Jeans (Style Of Eye Remix)
07)Schizophonics – 88
08)LA Riots – The Drop
09)Mustard Pimp – Kiwi (Gtronic Big Bass Remix)
10)Sound Of Stereo – Zipper (LA Riots Remix)
11)Mustard Pimp – Cherry (Chewy Chocolate Cookies Remix)
12)Timbaland – Morning After Dark (Mr Gaspar & Oliver Portamento Remix)
13)Magnvm – Bingo (NT89 Remix)
14)Hot Pink Delorean – Let’s Go
15)Shinichi Osawa – EEAA (Mustard Pimp Remix)
16)Cold Blank – The Flying Cat
17)Malente & Jay Robinson – Do Your Head (Sticky K Remix)
18)Plaza De Funk – Push N Pull (Gigi Barocco Remix)
19)Beezy – Day In The Life (L-Vis 1990 Remix)
20)D Bag – My Brother Was A Rockstar (Blaze Tripp Vocal Remix)
21)I Punk – Punk Is Alive (Triggerhippies Remix)
22)Villains – Victim (Designer Drugs Remix)
23)South Rakkas Crew – Robots Revenge (Mustard Pimp Remix)
24)Rogue Element – Lumina (Hot Pink Delorean Remix)
25)Hot Pink Delorean & Fantastadon – Party Favour (Fantastadon Remix)
26)Pink A Pad – Pink Is Back (Gtronic Remix)
27)Hac Mac – B B Girls B B Boys (Shinichi Osawa Remix)
28)Dirty Disco Youth – Heads Off (Mustard Pimp Remix)
29)Dirty Disco Youth – Brains Off
31)Sawgood – Rockit
32)Sawgood & Ajapai – Red Lights
33)Mustard Pimp – Cherry (Ajapai Remix)

Hour 2

34)Deadkids Snakes – Cooks (Dj Stolemymodem Remix)
35)Stimpunk Aka Dj Silent – Beatcrusher
36)A1 Bassline – Evil 10
37)Amari – Your Kisses (Blatta & Inesha Remix)
38)Mustard Pimp – Cherry (Blatta & Inesha Remix)
39)Sissy Nobby – Lay Me Down (A1 Bassline Remix)
40)Mightyfools – Hoo Haa
41)Oh Snap – Plus Size Model (Mightyfools Remix)
42)Udachi – Pfunk Skank
43)Schizophonics – Theme (Instrumental)
44)Designer Drugs – Riot (Mustard Pimp Remix)
45)Alan Gay – Bastardrave
46)Joseph 9000 – 88°
47)Keatch – Four Dead In Five Seconds
48)Mustard Pimp – Cherry (Taku Takahashi Remix)
49)Toy Quantize – Weather Change (Doc Trashz Remix)
50)Eagles Of Death Metal – Secret Plans (Mustard Pimp Remix)
51)September – Leave It All Behind (Hot Pink Delorean Remix)
52)Mustard Pimp And Blatta & Inesha – Pigeon Flu
53)Shaved Monkeys – Get Rough
54)Gooseflesh – Dodgems (Cyberpunkers Remix)
55)Felix Cartal – Skeleton (Pance Party Remix)
56)Neophyte Vs The Stunned Guys – Get This Motherfucker
57)Nephyte Vs DJ Paul Elstak – Rotterdam Holligan
58)Ian Brown – Just Like You (The Prodigy Remix)

Hour 3

59)Electrixx – Just A Freak
60)Crookers – Mad Kidz
61)Magik Johnson -The Bushman (Crookers Remix)
62)Mason – Quarter (The Subs Remix)
63)Larry Tee – I Love You (Bart B More Secured Dub)
64)Alex Gopher – Aurora (Dada Life Remix)
65)Hostage – Roll On (Malente Remix)
66)Boys Noize – Frau Feat I Robots
67)Hostage – Rave Rave Rave
68)The Yank We Can’t Be stop D
69)24 Skorpionz Feat. Chamillionaire – We Some Playerz (Bryan Cox Remix)
70)Feadz – Humanoid (Chewy Chocolate Cookies Remix)
71)Ryan Murgatroyd – What You Do To ME (Stupid Fresh Remix)
72)Kelis – Milkshake (Man Eat Dj & Jizm Remix)
73)Moonbootica – We 1-2 Rock (Malente Remix)
74)Kaysh – Drug Induced Sex (Kid Dub Loves Kinky Sex Mix)
75)Congorock – Runark (His Majesty Andre Growl Remix)
76)Armpit Dumps – Narciss
77)The Freaks – The Creeps (Vandalism Unreleased Mix)
78)Alloy Mental – God Is Green (Meat Katie Remix)
79)Alex Gopher – Dust
80)Ezella Rocks – Super Commodore
81)Dekky – Clean The Closet
82)Detect – Bump Dance Division (Yuksek Remix)
83)Fake Blood – Theme
84)Junkie Xl – Booming Right At You
85)Jessse Mc Cartney – Leavin (Mstrkrft Remix)
86)Mr Miyagi – Pick Your Poison (Felix Cartal Remix)
87)Acid Jacks – Awake Since 78 (Mstrkrft Remix)
88)Shinichi Osawa – Electro 411

Hour 4

89)Hatiras And Jelo – Donkey Punch
90)Mox Codeta – Fresh
91)Paxi – Discoschlampe (V Headz Remix)
92)Hervé – Let’s Get Dirty
93)Headshotboyz – Exodus (Bryan Cox Remix)
94)A1 Bassline – Bad Man Horror Theme
95)Foamo – Moving It Over Here
96)Fagget Fairys – Samo Ti (Ac Slater Remix)
97)Hot Pink Delorean Feat Fantastadon – Party Favour
98)Machines Don’t Care – How Y All Like Me Now
99)Mustard Pimp – Oh La La Satan
100)B Rich – Can’t Take What I Got (Sluttt Stopped Me Remix)
101)Stereheroes – Washout
102)Far Och Son – Panik (Phatzoo Remix)
103)The Bloody Beetroots – Detroit
104)Felix Cartal – Moss Vs Tree
105)EPMD – Run It (Hervé Got His Hands Up Remix)
106)Stereoheroes – Boom Slang (Rayflash Remix)
107)Soulwax – Miserable Girl (Shinichi Osawa Edit)
108)Clazziquai Project (Shinichi Osawa Remix)
109)Zingone & Nina – Kick It (Stereoheroes Remix)
110)Bondo Do Role – Geremia (Chewy Chocolate Cookies Remix)
111)T Raumschmiere Feat Miss Kittin – The Game Is Not Over
112)Kitt – Supercar Theme
113)GDR – Woskip (Electrocker F.i.c.k.e.n. Remix)

Hour 5

114)Hoshina Anniversary – Sexy Sebastian
115)Ajapai – Boostar
116)Ravex – Rock U (Feat Namie Amuro)
117)The Subs – Papillon (Shinichi Osawa Remix)
118)Ajapai – Two Sworded
119)Mighty Dub Katz – Magic Carpet Ride 07 (Shinchi Osawa Remix)
120)Capsule – Flash Back
121)Ajapai – Jigglin’
122)Bunny Lake – into The Future (Booty Bronx Remix)
123)Hoshina Anniversary – Bretvak 1.3
124)Kick Oh! – Hold Me (Ajapai Remix)
125)Mickael Jackson – Billie Jean (Taku Takahashi Remix)
126)Ajapai – Godfather
127)The Ting Tings – That’s Not My Name (Taky Takahashi Remix)
128)Lady Sovereign – Jigsaw (Taku Takahashi Remix)
129)DJ Ozma – Masurao (shinichi Osawa Remix)
130)Ravex – I Rave U
131)Shinichi Osawa & Nima Tahmasebi – Kyouki
132)Bunny Lake – Love (Shinichi Osawa Remix)
133)Tiga – Mind Dimension – Ryukyu (Taku Takahashi Mashup)
134)Rayflash – Body Talk
135)Blood Red Shoes – It’s Getting Boring By The Sea (Frap Frap Fraps Remix)
136)Rosso – Clover (Shinichi Osawa Remix)
137)Shinichi Osawa – The Golden (Shinichi Osawa Exclusive Live Edit)
138)Rosso – Saxophone Baby (Shinichi Osawa Remix)
139)Polysics – I My Me Mine
140)Vamps – Love Addict
141)Boom Boom Sattelites – Kick It Out

Hour 6

142)16 bit – Chainsaw Calligraphy
143)Level 67 – $100 Block Of Hashish (VIP)
144)Distinction – Fly Eyes (Trolley Snatcha Remix)
145)Eddie K – The Shivers
146)Unitz – The Drop
147)Bar 9 – Shaolin
148)DZ – Old Timers
149)Caspa & Rusko – Power Shower
150)Kid Sister – Pro Nails (Rusko Remix)
151)Crissy Criss – Don’t Mess About
152)Flux Pavillion – Take That
153)Skism – The Blank
154)Druley – Fail
155)N Type & The Others – Technophobe
156)Trolley Snatcha – Shake It
157)DZ Down
158)Bar 9 – Bakin Bread
159)Eddie K – Who’s The Hardest
160)Datsik & Flux Pavillion – Game Over
161)Borgore -Foes (16 Bit Fuck Hoes Remix)
162)Alpine Dub And Soundwall – Virus (Dubstep Version)
163)High Rankin – The Airloom
164)Excision – Darkness (Feat Subvert)
165)Chase & Status – Saxon
166)12th Planet – 28 Hours Later
167)501 – Sure Shot
168)501 – Dangerous
169)501 – Special Request
170)Akira Kiteshi – Ming The Merciless
171)Ajapai – Incoming

Hour 7

172)Reso – Onslaught
173)Sub Scape – Transaction
174)Propa Tingz – Propa tingz
175)Koan Sound – clowny
176)Stereo Type – Shock! (Nero Remix)
177)Nero – Act Like You Know (Dubstep Mix)
178)Borgore – Love
179)Skism – Rise Of The Idiots
180)Taz Buckfaster – Murda Skank
181)TRG – Horny (Reso Remix)
182)High Rankin – No Money For Guns
183)Excision – No Escape
184)Subscape – Wrong
185)Reso – If Ya Can’t Beat Em
186)Reso – Beasts In The Basement
187)Reso – Smash Yer Face In
188)Vaski – Murder
189)16bit – The Tale Of The Exploding Fist
190)Bar 9 – Extort
191)Borgore – Borgore Ina Trouble
192)Borgore – Ice Cream
193)Borgore – Mamas Boy
194)J Rabbit – Ninja Gaiden

Hour 8

195)Planetary Assault System – From Above
196)Skool Of Thought – World Of Music (Ed Solo Mix)
197)Eargasm – Weighed Down
198)Krafty Kuts – Bass Phenomenon
199)The Breakfastaz – Psychopath
200)Freeflow 45 – Peaktime
201)Scratch Perverts – Stand By (Krafty Kuts Remix)
202)Cut & Run Crew – Higher Friend
203)MKM & GBX – I Don’t Think So
204)Quadrat Beat – Showtime
205)Perpetual Present – Girls & Devices
206)Soul Of Man – Sukdat (Rogue Element Remix)
207)Vandal – Captain Magic (Dirty Vox)
208)Tresh – The Nu Skool Jutsu (Access Denied Remix)
209)Aquasky & El Hornet Of Pendulum – Girls & Boys
210)Aquasky & Meat Katie – Overneath
211)Cut & Run – Trouble In The Jungle
212)4Kuba – Lonedog
213)High Rankin – Break Street
214)Black Daniel – Gimme What You Got (Alex Metric Remix)
215)Secta Chameleon – This Is How We Roll (Instrumental)
216)Cut & Run – Horns Power
217)Napt – N-Funk
218)4Kuba – S300
219)4Kuba – Contact
220)B-Phreak – Repeated Groove (Beat Assassins Remix)
221)Stereo Mcs – Set It Off (Deekline & Wizard Remix)
222)D-Ranged – Get Shift (Far Too Loud Remix)

Hour 9

223)4Kuba – High Ai Ketamine Android
224)BSD – Get Hype On This
225)General Midi – The Westerner Boss
226)Plump DJs – The Push
227)DJ Mutiny Feat Miss Trouble – Most (Breakfastaz Mix)
228)Napt – The Rollers (Feat Mc Skibadee)
229)The Phat Riderz – Wicked Generation
230)Youthful Implants – Thinking Of YOu (Anti Science Remix)
231)DJ Nitro – Violence (Rogue Element Remix)
232)Cut & Run – Shine
233)Equalizers – Kickin’ Hard
234)Guau – Antisereo (Destroyers Vs Aggresivnes Remix)
235)Specimen A – Algorithm
236)The Magnet Men – You’re The Type
237)Koma & Bones – Guns,Guts & Glory
238)Afghan Headspin – Beast
239)Equalizers – Wike Awake
240)4kuba – Cheap
241)Bomberman – None Of You Left
242)Critical – Watch Dis
243)Plump Djs – Bullet Train
244)The Prodigy – Warriors Dance (Future Funk Squad Rave Soldier Remix)
245)Ctrl Z Vs Screwface – Kung Fu Funk
246)Access Denied – Tumbler
247)4kuba – Is In A fire Place
248)Far Too Loud – Shredder

Hour 10

249)Bomberman – Soul Shaker
250)Pyramid Feat. Ic3 – Wickedest Combination
251)CTRL Z & Screwface Present Stereo Type & Mash Feat Foreign Beggars
252)Quadrat Beat – Rasoblade (Mars Remix)
253)The Breakfastaz – Spit It Out
254)Dilemn – Time To Sing
255)Pete Samplers & Mando From Mass – Slot Machine
256)Nursery Of Naughtiness – Eyes (Far Too Loud Remix)
257)Far Too Loud Vs Code Zero – Blackout
258)Freestylers – The Slammer
259)Dilemn – Daylight (BBB Remix)
260)Transformer Man – Murder On The Loveboat
261)Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era – Far Out (The Slag Brothers Remix)
262)Ed 209 + Ken Mac – Hell Yeah
263)Ian Van Dahl – Inspiration (Breakfastaz Remix)
264)PJ & Smiley – Come TO Turn It Out (CTRL Z Remix)
265)Omar Santana & Dre Hectik – Playing With Fire
266)Pendulum – Out Here
267)Chaotic Pulse Vs Slydtek – Guidance (The Phat Riderz Remix)
268)Counterfeitbeatz – Block Rockin’ Breaks
269)4Kuba – Breaktrough
270)Freestylers – Punks (Krafty Kuts Remix)
271)Freestylers – Get A Life

Hour 11

272)Freestylers – In the Beginning
273Junkie XL – Action Radius
274)Groove Armada – Purple Haze
275)Crystal Method – In the Name Of The Game
276)Corporate Avenger – Fault the Police
277)Hardknox – Attitude
278)Cirrus – Back On a Mission
279)Audio Bullys – Snake
280)Fatboyslim – Slash Dot Slash
281)Dub Pistols – Unique Freak
282)The Avalanches – Flight Tonight
283)Lords Of Acid – Crablouse
284)Prodigy – Spitfire
285)Amon Tobin – Get Your Snack On
286)Boom Boom Satellites – Dub Me Crazy
287)Propellerheads – Take California
288)The Wiseguys – Start The Commotion
289)The Wiseguys – Ooh La La
290)Audio Bullys – We Don’t Care
291)Basement Jaxx feat. DIzzee Rascal – Lucky Star
292)Future Sound of London – We have Explosive
293)Headrillaz – Screaming Headz
294)Lunatic Calm – Leave Your Far Behind
295)Lionrock – Bag Of Biros
296)Leftfield – Phat Planet
297)The chemical Brothers – Setting Sun
298)Junkie XL – Dealing with the Roster
299)Andy Hunter – Come On
300)Prodigy – Rythm Of Life
301)Overseer – Stompbox
302)Dj Shadow – You can’t Go Home Again
303)Amon Tobin – Night Life
304)Appollo 440 – Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Dub
305)Prodigy – First Warning
306)Atari Teenage Riot – Ghostcase
307)Mindless Self Indulgence – Shut Me Up
308)Atari Teenage Riot – Deutschland (Has gotta Die !)
309)Prodigy – Wake The Fuck Up
310)Mindless Self Indulgence – Revenge
311)Ez3kiel – Jah’s Hardcore
312)Atari Teenage Riot – Not Your Business
313)Amon Tobin – Slowly

Hour 12

314)Pendulum – Prelude
315)Roni Size – Strictly Social (Nu Tone Remix)
316)Aphrodite – Acid Life
317)Future Cut – Specialist
318)DJ Sin & Stare – Highline
319)Aphrodite – Playground Shades
320)Twisted Individual – Camel Bite
321)Shimon & Andy C – Body Rock
322)Fresh – All That Jazz (Instrumental)
323)Potential Badboy – Let Loose (Feat. Yush)
324)DJ Hype – Cold Blooded
325)Stalefish – Ooh my gosh
326)Adam F – Eightball
327)Adam F – Stand Clear (Origin Unknown Remix)
328)Aphrodite – Dub Moods (Majistrate Feat. DJ Nicol Remix)
329)Crossfire – Hideout
330)EZ Rollers – Crowd Rocker
331)Shimon & Sparfunk – Bass Fanatic
332)Krust – Warhead (Ram Trilogy Remix)
333)DJ Hazard – Talk Like A Girl
334)Crystal Clear & Codebreaker – The Sickness
335)Baron – The Shakedown
336)Bad Company – Planet Dust
337)Crossfire – Darkstar
338)Scetch & Code – Warrior
339)Universal Project – Vessel
340)Roni Size – Uncencored
341)Mask – Bad Mutha
342)Black Sun Empire – Breach
343)Ram Trilogy – Screamer
344)Aphrodite – Lava Flow

Hour 13

345)Aphrodite – Stalker (Benny Page Remix)
346)Crossfire – Hydra
347)EZ Rollers – RS 2000
348)B Key – Capacitor (Remixxx 1)
349)Baron – Superfuzz
350)Dillinja – Twist ‘Em Out
351)Total Science – Jungle Jungle
352)Bad Company – 4 Days
353)DJ Kontrol – Forcefield
354)Decoder – Hord 39
355)Distorted Minds – T10
356)Adam F – Original Jungle Sound (TC Remix)
357)Adam F & Fresh – When The Sun Goes Down (Origin Unknown Remix)
358)Mampi Swift & Blame – Sleepwalker
359)Decorum – Contrax (Weapon Remix)
360)Baron – Operation Pipe Dream
361)Da Firm Feat. Shortson – Better Believe (Dope Ammo Remix)
362)Distorted Minds – Stay Focused
363)Q Project – Champion Sound (Bad Company Remix)
364)Twisted Individuals – Guesset Gravy
365)Crossfire – Counterforce
366)Total Science – My Selector
367)Zen – Conundrum
368)Baron – The Ratpack
369)Fresh & Baron – Supernature
370)Drumsound & Bassline Smith -Grand Theft Auto 2
371)Future Prophecies – Dreadlock

Hour 14

372)Pharaohe Monch – Simon Says (JL Remix)
373)Pendulum – Vault (VIP)
374)Agent Alvin – Crystal Metro
375)Mampi Swift – Trippin
376)Total Science – Going In Circles (Artificial Intelligence Remix)
377)Fresh – Submarines (Pendulum Remix)
378)Fresh – Nervous
379)Freestylers – Painkiller
380)Muffler – Beast Within
381)J Majik & Wickaman – Smoking Herb
382)Kaleb – Chemical Sleep
383)Distorted Minds Feat. MC Foxy – Fire In The Hole
384)Mampi Swift – Delusions
385)Noisia – The Tide
386)Future Prophecies – Insomnia
387)Sub Focus – Frozen Solid
388)Exile & Temper D – Warehouse
389)Basic Operations – White
390)Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Tyrant (Nightwalker Remix)
391)Frozen Monkeys – Gurning On The Dancefloor (G Dub Remix)
392)Nightbreed – Pack Of Wolves
393)Pendulum – Blood Sugar
394)Black Sun Empire – Bitemark
395)Terravita – Adult Robot Kung Fu

Hour 15


396)Frankie Cutlass – Puerto Rico – Black People
397)Das EFX – Check It Out
398)Lakim Shabazz – Need Some Lovin’
399)Boogie Down Porductions – I’m
400)2Black2Strong – War On Drugs
401)Hoodratz – Mrs Crabtree
402)Nas – NY State Of Mind
403)D.E.F. – Doug E Fresh
404)EPMD – Chill
405)The D&d Allstars – 1&2 Pass It (Remix)
406)Double XX Posse – Ruff, rugged & Raw
407)Lorz Of Brooklyn – Saturday Nite Fever
408)Kool G Rap and DJ Polo – Street Blues
409)Mad Kap – Irrelevant (DIckies Emporium)
410)Hoodratz – Rollin’ Wit Da Rat Pak
411)Who’s Da Gangsta
412)Craz – Step Up (Vocals)
413)Down South – Down South
414)Ador – Ill At Will
415)De La Soul – Stakes is High
416)Aday – Day 2 Day
417)Das EFX – Mic Checka
418)Dred Scott – Back In The Day
419)Lords Of The Undergound
420)Chino XL – Purple hands un the air
421)Ador – Keep it Real
422)Ali Dee – Batter Up
423)Slick Rick – Behind Bars
424)MOP – How about some Hardcore
425)Ultramagnetic MCs – Ego Trip
426)Black Moon – Powerful Impak
427)Kaos Ta bass – Brokin English Klik
428)Sparky Dee – Don’t Make Me Laugh
429)The Goats – Cumin’ in ya ear
430)Babiegezus & da Allstars ft. Greg Nyce – Cant hold us down (remix)
431)Erick Sermon – Payback Il
432)Kool G Rap and DJ Polo – Crime Pays
433)Lord Finesse & DJ Mike Smooth – Structly For The Ladies
434)Das EFX – Gimme Dat Micraphone
435)Fatal – Pass The Kronz
436)Intelligent Hoodlum – Underground
437)Kool G Rap and DJ Polo – On The Run (Al Capone Version)
438)LL Cool J – Now Im Comin
439)Lords Of The Underground – From Da Bricks
440)Hoodratz – Sneeke Muthafukaz
441)Blvd Boyz – Off Da Head (Original Mix)
442)Mad Kap – Check It Out
443)Naughty By Nature – Opp
444)King Sun – Once Upon a Time
445)Down South – Jimi Crack Corn
446)Strickly Roots – Beg No Friends
447)Troubleneck Brothers – Troubleneck Wreck
448)Ali Dee – Who’s Da Flava
449)Chilly Tee – Get Off Mine
450)Shaquille O’ Neal – Boom !
451)Young Black Teenagers – Roll The Flavor
452)MC Lyte – Brooklyn
453)Down South – Lost In Brooklyn
454)Dred Scott – Rough E Nuff
455)Large Professor – Hard !!!
456)Lords Of The Underground – Chief Rocka
457)Brokin English Klik – Hard core Beats
458)Raw Breed – Lune Tunz
459)Money Boss Players – Ghetto Chronicle Daily
460)Slick Rick – Teacher, Teacher

Hour 16

461)Fatal – Timber
462)Black Sheep – The Choice Is Yours
463)Public Enemy – Can’t Trust It
464)The Almighty RSO – Revenge Of Da Badd Boyz
465)Justice System – Due Our Time
466)Original Flavor – Can I get Open
467)K Solo – I can’t Hold It Back
468)MC Lyte – Ruffneck
469)3rd Bass – Worz of Wisdom
470)Young Black Teenagers – Tap The bottle (Mongrel Mix)
471)Leader Of The New School – Quarter to Cutthroat
472)Hard To Obtain – Joker’s World
473)Original Flavour – Here We Go (Fuck It Up)
474)Yaggfu Front – Busted Loop
475)Timbo King & Spark 950 – Ice Cream Flavour
476)Hard To Obtain – Joker’s World
477)Eric B and Rakim – I Aint No Joke
478)KMD – Sweet Premium Wine
479)X Clan – Heed The Word Of The Brother
480)Ador – Here Come Da Wreck
481)2Black2Strong – Only The Strong Survive
482)Lifer’s Group – Let Me Out
483)Chino Xl – Mad At the World
484)Ultramagnetic MCs – Critical Beatdown
485)Eric B & Rakim – Juice (Know The Ledge)
486)Tony D – Check The Elevation
487)Zhigge – No Time To Fess

West Coast

488)Boss – Deeper
489)Mc Ren – Final Frontier
490)Blackalicious – Lyric Fantom
491)The D.o.c – It’s Funky Enough
492)Funkddobiest – Lost In Though
493)Da Lench Mob – Guerillas In tha mist
494)Aztlan Nation – Born to play the bad guy
495)Mc Ren – Behind the Scenes
496)Eazy-E – Only If You Want It
497)Casual – You Flunked
498)N.W.A – Express Yourself
499)Above The Law – Never Missin’ A Beat
500)Comptons Most Wanted – This Is Compton
501)Boss – Comin’ To Gettcha
502)The Alkaholiks – Make Room
503)Ice Cube – When Will they Shoot
504)Spice 1 – I’m The fuckin’ Murderer
505)The Mexakinz – Cok Bak Da Hamma !
506)Ice Cube – Check Yo Self
507)Tweedy Bird Loc – Fuck South Bronx
508)Capital Tax – Make A Move Yall
509)The Mexakinz – Push Up n’ da Wrong
510)Funkdoobiest – Bow wow wow

Hour 17

511)Pharcyde – Oh Shit
512)Blood Of Abraham – Another Nail In the Coffin
513)Blood Of Abraham – Niggaz And Jewz (some say kikes)
514)Kurious – Spell it with A J (yes, yes Jorge)
515)Da Lench Mob – Going’ Bananas
516)Ray Luv – 1 Fo Ya Ass ‘ Raymonds Dead
517)King Tee – At Your Own Risk (Budha Mix)
518)Del – Ya Lil’ Crumbsnatchers
519)Bloods And Crips – Duet
520)AMG – Givva Dogga Bone

521)(Interlude) Above The Law – Black Triangle

US Diverse/Canada

522)Scarface – Lettin Em Know
523)7669 – Heree Ah Cumm
524)Scarface – Comin Agg
525)Maestro Fresh Wes – Dat’s My Nigga !!
526)A.P.G Crew – Road Is Rough
527)Odd Squad – Came Na Cedown
528)Native Nuttz – Erect From Tha Slumz
529)5ive-O – Uhh
530)Funk Family – Anyway
531)Maestro Fresh Wes – Pray To Da East
532)Ase Man – Many Styles
533)Tung Twista – Back 2 School
534)Son Of noise – Crazy Mad Flow (Urban Alien Mix)
535)Ksquad – Anger ‘n’ Rage
536)Def Jef – Fasho Shot
537)Geto Boys – Do It Like It G.O.
538)Boys from The Btoom – Do You Want the Nasty


539)Blade – Gripper The Pitbull
540)Killa Instinct – Hell Is The Next Stop
541)2Ruff – Ruff Is The Way
542)Blaktwang – Kik Off
543)2Ruff – I wanna Get Live
544)Da Hoodzmen – Rhyme Ripper
545)2Ruff – Ruffskills
546)Hardnoise – Serve Tea, Then Murder
547)Killa Instinct – Rush In
548)Hijack The Terrorist Group – Hijack The Terrorist Group
549)Damn – Da Souls Da Rebel
550)Hijack – Straight To The Bank
551)Hijack The Terrorist Group – The Badman Is Robin
552)Killa Instinct – The noose Around Your Neck
553)Hijack The Terrorist Group – The Syndicate Outta Jail
554)Broken Glass – Style Of The Street
555)Hijack – Doomsday of Rap
556)DJ Krash Slaughta – Broken Blown Mics
557)Silver Bullet – 20 Seconds To Comply

Hour 18

558)Dima – Poetry (Shit Again Mix)
559)Robert Armani – Circus Bells (Hardfloor Remix)
560)Dave Clarke – Protective Custody
561)District 1 – The Ventriloquest
562)USS Severe – Barcode Population
563)Laurent Garnier – Crispy Bacon
564)Marco Laine – Mosaic
565)Mike Dearborne – Jaws
566)Cajmere – Come (Green Velvet Remix)
567)Strass – Untitled
568)Knarz – Funknarz
569)Propionic – Don’t Combine Me With LSD
570)Thomas Krome – Lord Of Darkness
571)Mad Max – Summer Rain (Acid Mix)
572)David Caretta – Nice Dog
573)Dave The Drummer & Syber Simon – Untitled
574)Green Velvet – Land Of The Lost (Laidback Luke Remix)
575)Temptation – Pressure
576)Ganez The Terrible – X Cuse Me
577)Anxious – Phungus #2
578)Atom X – Damage
579)Christian Morgensteirn – Untitled
580)Cristian Varela – Intensitive
581)The Advent – Mad Dog
582)Stu Grant – Brain Cage
583)Julian Liberator – Funky
584)Chris Liberator & Guy Mc Affer – Reflex Blue

Hour 19

585)Dave The Drummer & DJ Jerome – Steamliner
586)Dextro NRG – Morela
587)Soul Grabber – Motocross Madness
588)Burn Rubber – Burncrash Car
589)Trax X – Mindwarp
590)Robert Natus – FC (Natus & Rotz Mix)
591)Mike Dust – Sawtooth Massacre (Boris S Remix)
592)Greg Silver – Triplex
593)Ivan David & Ronaldo Vetro – Volta Ao Preto
594)Monolog & Wragg – Trouser Flapper
595)Chronos – Siracle
596)Vitalic – La Rock 01
597)Steve Wales – Tekno Sensor
598)Carbon Based – Hunt & Haunting
599)DJ Ze Mig.L – Mr. Nice Guy
600)Unknown Artist – Breathe Bootleg
601)Unknow Artist – Voodoo People Bootleg
602)T Raumschmiere – Monster Truck Driver

Hour 20

603)Electric Wizard – Satanic Rites of Drugula
604)Black Sabath – Sabath, Bloody Sabath/
605)Black Sabath – The Wizard
606)wisted Sister – I wanna Rock
607)The Rolling Stones – Gimme Shelter
608)Aerosmith – The Other Side (live)
609)AC/DC – Get It Hot
610)Eagles Of Death Metal – I gotta feeling (Just Nineteen)
611)Soulwax – Miserable Girl
612)The Vines – Get free
613)Foo Fighters – I’ll Stick Arround
614)Queen – Tie Your Mother Down (Motörhead Cover)
615)Kyuss – Supa Scoppa and Mighty Scoop
616)Guns n’ Roses – Out Ta Get Me
617)The Mars Volta – Cicatriz Esp
618)Motörhead – Mean Machine
619)Mötley Crue – Too fast for love
620)The Hives – Here we go again
621)Queen Of The Stone Age – Go with the flow
622)Queen Of The Stone Age – Quick and to the pointless
623)Desert Sessions – Screamin’ Eagle
624)Pissed Jeans – False Jesii Part 2
625)The Stooges – Search & Destroy
626)The Strokes – Juicebox
627)White Stripes – There’s No Home for you here
628)Franz Ferdinand – You could have it so much better
629)Velvet Revolver – Set Me Free
630)Alice In Chains – Them Bones
631)At The Drive In – One Armed Scissor
632)The Blood Brothers – Set Fire to the face on fire
633)Sna -Fu – Transcending Reality
634)Klaxons – Totem on the Timeline
635)The Brian Jonestown Massacre – Caress
636)At The Drive In – Enfilade
637)The Dillinger Escape Plan – Milk Lizard
638)The Fall Of Troy – Ex Creation
639)Wino – Ponctuated Equilibrium
640)Deep Purple – Speed King
641)Led Zeppelin – Rock And Roll
642)Eagles Of Death Metal – I only Want You
643)Nirvana – Mr Moustache
644)Buthole surfers – Who was in my room last night
645)Mastodon – Blood and Thunder
646)Wuizit – Narcisse
647)Torche – Healer
648)Arctic Monkeys – From the Ritz to the Rubble
649)Dead Kennedys – A child And His Lawnower
650)Misfits – Green Hell
651)The Horrors – Draw Japan
652)Every Time I Die – Depressionista
653)Motörhead – Life’s A Bitch
654)Sna – Fu – Dorian
655)The Last Vegas – Raw Dogg
656)Death From Above 1979 – My love is Shared
657)Death From Above 1979 – Pull Out
658)Dragon Force – Storming the burning fields
659)Dragon Force – Revolution Deathsquad
660)Dragon Force – Fury Of the Storm
661)Dragon Force – Operation ground and pound
662)Dragon Force – Cry for eternity
663)Dragon Force – The flame of Youth
664)Dragon Force – Through fire and flames

Hour 21

665)Haddaway – What Is Love
666)Reel 2 Real – Go On Move
667)Snap – Rhythm Is The Dancer
668)20 Fingers Feat. Roula – Lick It
669)2 Unlimited – Faces
670)Corona – Baby Baby
671)Le Park – Naked
672)Double You – Part Time Lover (feat. Alexia)
673)Basic Element – Touch
674)Culture Beat – Mr Vain
675)Dr Alban – Let The Beat Go On
676)Maxx – Get A WAy
677)Le Park – Litchies
678)The Immortals – Mortal Kombat Theme
679)Aqua – My Oh My
680)DJ Miko – What’s Up (club Edit)
681)Capella – U & Me
682)Ice MC – It’s A Rainy Day
683)Ice MC – Take Away The Colour
684)E Type – Set The World On Fire (7″ Version)
685)E Rotic – Max Don’t Have Sex With Your Ex
686)Masterboy – Generation Of Love
687)Maxx – No More (I Can’t Stand It)
688)2 Unlimited – No Limit
689)Masterboy – Feel The Heat Of The Night
690)Masterboy – Is This The Love
691)E Type – This Is The Way
692)2 Unlimited – The Real Things
693)Culture Beat – Anything
694)John Scatman – Scatman’s World
695)Fun Factory – Pain
696)Mo Do – Hallo, Mo-Do
697)Paul Elstak – Don’t Leave Me Alone
698)Paul Elstak – Luv U More
699)Paul Elstak – Rave On

Hour 22

700)Suicidal Tendencies – You can’t bring me down
701)Sacred Reich – Independent
702)Iron Maiden – Where eagles dare
703)Overkill – Fatal If Swallowed
704)Overkill – Wrecking Crew
705)Sodom – Ausgebombt ( German Version)
706)Metallica – Whiplash
707)Megadeth – Hangar 18
708)Anthrax – Madhouse
709)Megadeth – Holy Wars
710)Morbid Angel – Where the slime Live
711)Slayer – Raining Blood
712)Totenmond – Honigtraum
713)Entombed – I for An Eye
714)Suicidal Tendencies – Cyco Vision
715)Exploited – Fightback
716)Metallica – My Apocalyspe
717)Slayer – Disciple
718)Exploited – They Lie
719)Biohazard – Gravity
720)Judas Priest – Electric Eye
721)Kreator – Endless Pain
722)Anthrax – A.I.R
723)Something’s Gotta Give
724)Sick Of It All – Falling Appart
725)Destruction – The Final Curtain
726)Madball – Unity
727)Death Breath – Death Breath
728)Machine Head – Take My Scars
729)Vision Of Disorder – Imprint
730)Sodom – Frozen Screams
731)F-Minus – Brand Loyalty
732)Death Breath – Heading For Decapitation
733)Nailbomb – Wasting Away
734)Sepultura – Desperate Cry
735)Pantera – Suicide Note Part II
736)Machine Head – Struck A Nerve
737)Sepultura – Beaneath the Remains
738)Kreator – Pleasure to Kill
739)Tankard Dark Exile
740)Shining – Laat Oss Ta Allt Fraan Darandra
741)Marduk – Cold Mouth Prayer
742)Gorgoroth – Incipit Satan
743)Mayhem – Burried By Time and Dust
744)Wolves In the Throne Room – Ahrimanic Trance

Hour 23

745)Hellfish – Headbanger (Ballbasher Mix)
746)Technological Terror Crew – Where Angels Fear To Tread
747)Technological Terror Crew – The Ripper
748)The Producer – Screamers Revenge
749)Hellfish – UK Fresh
750)Hellfish & Producer – Untitled
751)Dj Dolphin & Dj Tox – Yeah Muthafucka
752)Wargroover – British Nightmare
753)Diplomat – Cool & Deadly
754)Hellfish – Techno City
755)The Producer – Only I Can Do It(Retarded Kickdrum Mix)
756)Hellfish – Ultimate Damage ‘98
757)The Producer – Out Of Control (Huge Spaced Arena Mix)
758)Hellfish – Hardcore Body Harvest
759)Hellfish – The Crippler
760)Technological Terror Crew – Reckless
761)Hellfish & The Producer – No More Rock and Roll
762)Hellfish & The Producer – Do Ya Like? (DJ Producer’s The Champ Remix)
763)Diplomat – Brainwave
764)Diplomat – The Running Man
765)DJ Hellfish – AK47 Muthaf-cka (Remix)
766)The Producer – King Of The Varispeed
767)Hellfish – Serious Evil Shit Mission 3
768)DJ Dolphin & DJ Tox – Aggravated Violent Assault
769)Hellfish – Destined For Destruction
770)The Destroyer – Ernestina Part 1
771)The Destroyer – Mind Carnage (Remix)
772)The Destroyer – You Fuckin Mutha Fucker (Promo Edit)
773)The Destroyer – My Brain Is Sick (Happy Mix)
774)The Destroyer – My Brain Is Sick (Original Mix)

Hour 24

775)The Destroyer – Break Your Speaker (3rd Mix)
776)The Destroyer – Break Your Speaker (2nd Mix)
777)The Destroyer – Big Bit
778)The Destroyer Feat. Ernestina – The Korrosive Adventure (Censored Mix)
779)The Destroyer Feat. Ernestina – The Korrosive Adventure
780)The Destroyer – The Destroyer Is Back
781)The Destroyer – Ultimate Mix
782)The Destroyer – Brbrbrbrob Gee Suck My Beat
783)The Destroyer – The Problem
784)The Destroyer – Save The Old
785)The Destroyer – Salta
786)The Destroyer – The Calm Guy
787)The Destroyer – Mind Carnage
788)The Destroyer – Toasted Dork (Heavy Mix)
789)The Destroyer – Hard Floyd
790)The Destroyer – I Vincini Di Casa
791)The Destroyer – Kolombus Bitch
792)The Destroyer – Giant Station
793)The Destroyer – Fuck The Dream
794)The Destroyer – Fuckin Hostile (Burp Mix)
795)The Destroyer – Hardcore Healing
796)Disciples Of Belial – Lucifer We Praise Thee
797)Eradicator – I Cum Blood
798)Delta 9 – Real Hardcore
799)D.O.A – Chemical Warfare
800)Jakazid – Cillit Bang Remix
801)Altar – Blood Swamp

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