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2013.09.13 - LOUISAHHH!!! NYC 1986-2006 Mix live @ Laura Leishman Project (Le Mouv') Tl1310
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 2013.09.13 - LOUISAHHH!!! NYC 1986-2006 Mix live @ Laura Leishman Project (Le Mouv')

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Greg (Admin)
Greg (Admin)

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2013.09.13 - LOUISAHHH!!! NYC 1986-2006 Mix live @ Laura Leishman Project (Le Mouv') Empty
PostSubject: 2013.09.13 - LOUISAHHH!!! NYC 1986-2006 Mix live @ Laura Leishman Project (Le Mouv')   2013.09.13 - LOUISAHHH!!! NYC 1986-2006 Mix live @ Laura Leishman Project (Le Mouv') Icon_minitimeFri Sep 20, 2013 10:15 am

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Louisahhh!!! takes us back to her New York years in this NYC 1986-2006 mix, recorded live for the Laura Leishman Project on Le Mouv'. 13/09/13

Louisahhh!!! nous ramène avec elle à ses années new-yorkaises dans ce NYC 1986-2006 mix, enregistré en direct pour le Laura Leishman Project sur Le Mouv'. 13/09/09

L'émission entière avec interview de Louisahhh!!! ici:
Ré-écoute: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Podcast: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]


I did this set for the Laura Leishman Project on Le Mouv, Sept 13, 2013.
Laura suggested a New York City themed mix, and as I haven't lived in my hometown officially since 2006, I decided to think about tracks that were not only about the city but also described my formative years growing up and starting to DJ there. Additionally, there are some 'new school' songs from NYC based artists, or tracks about the city.

Here is how I feel about it:

1) Delta 5 - Mind Your Own Business
I became aware of this song through the Chicks on Speed version when I was starting to go the time I was listening to a lot of Le Tigre. That one is much more frenetic and wild, and this, the Delta 5 original from 1979, pitched way down so it sounds druggy and dubby and is somewhat mixable. Stupendous vibe.

2) TV Baby - NY is Alright (Blackspun Acid Dub)
New work coming out on Danny Daze and Maceoplex's 'Ellum'. Though I didn't use the vocal version, the track is called 'New York is Alright'. This is a take on Fear's (seminal 70s LA punk band) 'New York is Alright if You Like Saxophones'. All of the remixes on this release are actually impeccable.

3) Colder - To the Music
This song reminds me of Pixelives and his French pseudo-twin, Japanster because I stole it from the former when he left a CD in a CDJ that I played on after him sometime around 2005, and received later on a mix that the latter sent me when I was in rehab. Cool Story, Bro.

4) LCD Soundsystem - Tribulations
Who doesn't love this song? Fuck you. It is perfect.

5) Maxime Dangles - Firewire
Definitely a moment I realized that I had some musical soulmate vibe going on with Brodinski was when I noticed he was regularly playing this in his sets. I'm pretty sure I originally heard it on the legendary 3rd Testament blog, or via Hollerboard, both NYC/Philadelphia staples.

6) Nitzer Ebb - Join in the Chant
There was a night at the recently defunct 'Happy Endings' entiteled 'Visions of the Impending Apocalypse' that Sheal, Alex Chow and Moreno used to throw that played all this kind of shit and it ruled. Carlos D definitely did weird spinning-in-circles dances with The Twins in a goth man-skirt on more than one occasion.

7) Razormaid - New York New York
Star Eyes (Trouble and Bass) put out a mixtape with this on it for Mishka and it was the only CD I had in my car for a really long time. She also was one of the 6 people who was in the room at my first time DJing ever, at Bar 11, in the crows nest/death trap of a DJ booth. I recall playing 'Magic Dance' and 'Wannabe' with Nico xo before the drugs ruined us. Great times.

Cool Tomas Anderson - Washing Up (Tiga Remix)
Classic. I played A LOT of Tiga. Still do, in fact.

9) Martini Brothers - Big & Dirty (Tiga Remix)

10) Steve Mac & Mark Brown - Bells of Brighton (Popof Remix)
This track is a funny representation of 'electro-house' according to beatport, before the genre was bastardized and diluted. Fun and bouncy, quite timeless actually.

11) MikeQ/Mikix the Cat - Catwalk
'New school' NYC, Qween Beat's MikeQ with our Berlin friend Mikix (ADDCAT records). Very ballroom.

12) Cut Copy - Future (Chromeo remix)
DJ staple around 2004, when I was working (briefly) at the Vice store on Broadway and Laffayette. Little did I know that Dave1 of Chromeo was actually one of the first editors of Vice, and that we would become good friends and have the opportunity to work together (Plug) wayyyy down the line. Circles within circles within circles.

13) NYCPARTYINFO - Black Saw Bonus Beats
NYCPARTYINFO is my duo with Stevie Be from Pipes. We are named after the legendary Stephen Bush's myspace name. Bushy is perhaps the best human being on this planet, and definitely a gateway to my musical knowledge and love of dance music. He also invented 'twitter, beta', which was mostly asking for Molly 'before it was cool' via myspace's bulletin board in 140 characters or less.

14) New York City - Vega

15) Curses - So Good
Luca aka Curses aka Drop the Lime was a couple of years ahead of me, but we went to the same absurdly small liberal arts high school on the upper west side. This track recently came out on Marble, which is a label founded by some of my Parisian brothers. The world is shrinking.

16) Colorsound - Fly with Me
It is so unbelievably gay when everything stops and they whisper 'IT'S MIDNIGHT', this has been a staple of sets since I started DJing and I will always love it.

17) Spiller - Jumbo
SIREN! Another Stephen Bush classic.

18)Playgroup - Make it Happen
Impeccable track, saxaphone, ferocity. Maelstrom is the only other person that I've heard play it in the last 8 years so obviously we are meant to be.

19) Professor Murder - Dutch Hex (Max Pask remix)
Max Pask (of Populette, on Throne of Blood) is incredible and this remix is so tough! Professor Murder is also mad NYC.

20) Tiga - Move My Body (Only4Erol remix)
MORE TIGA. This appeared on his essential mix in 2006 right before I went to rehab and has remained stapled in my mind ever since. So good.

21) Royksopp - What Else is There (Thin White Duke remix)
Was actually going to get matching tattoos with Gina Turner of a flashlight exploding because of this song. We still might, because why not? I also did acid to this song for the first time and understood the fabric of the universe/sacred geometry of the cosmos while lying on the floor playing this on loop in my shitty apartment on the corner of mulberry and broome. Still makes me cry sometimes.

I love these songs and I love you.

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2013.09.13 - LOUISAHHH!!! NYC 1986-2006 Mix live @ Laura Leishman Project (Le Mouv')
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